General Information
'Everything About Fungi' is the property of the Dutch Mycological Society (NMV).
Since 2012 there is cooperation with the Belgian Mycological Society (KVMV)

The project started in January 2011 on the initiative of Aldert Gutter, aiming to bring together all conceivable information on the subject so that this can be used for educational purposes, both in and outside schools. A group of experts is working together on this website, all with a strong affinity to mushrooms and often professionally active in this field, now or previously, for example as ecologist, university co-worker or teacher.

'EverythingAboutMushrooms' is not an encyclopaedia in the old-fashioned sense of that paper word, but it is also not a wiki. Although as many people as possible are involved in producing the content, all information will be centrally checked and formulated before it is placed on the site.

Because the web format is of a different nature from a printed work of reference, the text must be concise and suited to a wide readership. Modern man wants to be able to find information quickly but also to absorb it quickly. In depth and background information will always need to be looked for in paper publications. For this reason EverythingAboutMushrooms will always give full details of the sources of information pages and where possible even offer PDF downloads of the original publications.

Sources of visual material
Because copyright often applies to visual material, the ownership of all pictures on this website which have not been previously made available by the owners for publication by the NMV has been researched as well as possible and permission for use requested. Should you, however, encounter material which in your opinion should not have been used, please inform us so that terms and conditions can be agreed or the material removed.
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